Dear parents,

Hope you had a great time during the spring break. MIOT will open as usual on April 21, 2024.

The 2024 MIOT writing competition's winning entries will be selected by parent judges on April 28. Students participating are requested to submit their entries to their Chinese class teachers by this Sunday. We look forward to everyone's excellent work.

The 2024 Huaxia Star Arts Festival was successfully held on April 13. MIOT dance class teacher, Aida Wang, led 7 beautiful young dancers in the performance of 'The Mushroom Picking Little Girl', which received unanimous praise from the audience and the organizing team. Congratulations to the young girls for their hard work and recognition!

Have a great weekend,

Millburn Institute of Talent

本周日4月21日, 密尔本中文学校正常上课。


2024 华夏之星文艺汇演在4月13日顺利完成, 本校舞蹈班王青老师带领7位美丽小队员表演的舞蹈 "采蘑菇的小姑娘" 受到了观众和筹备团队一致的好评,谢谢老师的指导,也祝贺小姑娘们的辛勤努力得到了肯定! [ThumbsUp]