Dear parents,

An exciting school year is coming to an end. We sincerely invite all families to attend the 2024 MIOT Graduation Ceremony tomorrow, Sunday, June 16. We will reflect on the students' growth on this special day and enjoy their wonderful performances together. The ceremony will be held in the auditorium on the high school's second floor. Please arrive and be seated by 9:45 am, as the ceremony will start promptly at 10:00 am, and entry will be closed at that time.

Students should follow their teachers' instructions to collect their certificates and Full-Attendance Award prizes in their classrooms before the ceremony. There will be no enrichment classes this week, and all students are welcome to join the ceremony.

Attached are the program list, seating arrangement, and schedule for the graduation ceremony. This year's performances are rich and exciting. The provided schedule is an estimate and maybe 20-30 minutes ahead or behind. We appreciate your understanding and sincerely hope that parents and students can stay to watch all performances, giving their valuable support to all the performers. As in previous years, students who stay until the end will receive popsicles and special prizes.

1. Ceremony Agenda:

2. Seating Arrangement:

Have a great weekend!

Millburn Institute of Talent



下面附件是毕业典礼的节目单, 座位安排以及时间表。今年的表演精彩丰富,所提供的时间表是一个估算,可能会有20-30分钟的提前或延迟,请大家做好准备, 也感谢大家的理解,并衷心希望家长和同学们都可以观看完所有表演,给予大小演员们最热烈的支持,跟往年一样,能留到最后的学生都会有冰棍和小奖品❤️

(1)Ceremony Agenda:

(2)Seating Arrangement: